After nearly a decade spent growing our first production company, we decided it was time for our 3 founders, Matt Jensen, Matt Mangham and Scott Rieckens to start something fresh. Something new and exciting. So, we sold the old the brand and started a new one: Saint West Filmworks. 

For us, Saint West represents the culmination of everything we've learned over the last 10 years. It was a chance to hit the pause button, reflect on our past work and plot a course for the future. In the end, we boiled it down to one simple mission: to create uncommon films for the common man. We want to bring an uncommon level of production value, artistry and depth to every project, big or small. Above that, we want every piece to connect with our audience on an authentic, human level. It should resonate deeply with everyone who is interested enough to press play.

Stay tuned. Lots of awesomeness to follow!

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