Wow. We are incredibly proud to be recognized alongside the most hard-working, gifted people in our industry. Our reel was singled out from a pool of more than 40,000 submissions sent in from all over the nation, and took home a Silver ADDY at the 2016 National American Advertising Awards. 

To be awarded this honor for OUR REEL, or collection of work that represents who we are and what we represent... leaves us with the warm and fuzzies as it validates our efforts like no other piece of work could. It's not about getting caught up in winning an award, it's about being validated by our peers that our hard work is paying off. All of the blood, sweat and tears, all of the relationships we've made along the way, they are all building toward something more important than us, and more important than an award. We are building toward a will to explore, to challenge ourselves to improve everyday. To be fulfilled.

Go West. That's what they once said, that's what they once did. We promise to continue in that spirit of exploration. Onward.

-Saint West Team