Day 4, we found ourselves waking up in Chiloquin, OR which is just north of Klamath Falls in the Southern end of the state. This sleepy little town is surrounded by the Winema National Forest and has many rivers and lakes in the surrounding area.

We hooked up with a local sporting goods store owner and friend of a friend, Harry. Harry would be our fly fishing talent and guide for the day. Our goal was to capture some stunning fly fishing footage in the morning and hit the road to make it to Bend by sunset to meet up with the fine brewers at Crux Fermentation Project. Unfortunately, there wouldn’t be any brewing taking place, and we had to pull the plug on Bend at the last minute. We licked our wounds and engaged the MoVI and RED Epic to capture Harry in all his fly fishing glory. His backyard happened to be situated at the very spot were the Sprague and Williamson rivers meet. Needless to say, this collision of freshwater aquatica created one hell of a fishing hole. After spending some time with Harry’s beautiful and welcoming family, we grabbed lunch and headed to our second location, one which Harry hoped we would like. Boy did we ever. 

We have chosen not to divulge the name of the location we were taken to, as the thought of making it any more popular than it already is just tears us up. This river bend had the most beautiful turquoise, crystal clear water we’ve ever seen. We grabbed a canoe and our DJI Inspire 1 and took to the water and the skies to film some incredible footage of South Central Oregon in all her glory. We wrapped the day with Harry catching a few fish at Sunset on yet another beautiful river bend. 

We rolled back into Chiloquin pretty late, dog tired again and ready for our final leg to Portland. Day 5 coming soon! 

Photography courtesy of Sean Horton @