Day 3 allowed us to sleep in a little bit and grab a solid breakfast at Red Hut Cafe in South Lake Tahoe. After buying a couple of Keep Tahoe Blue stickers for our Pelican cases and downing some pancakes, it was time to head up to Angora Lake. 

Angora may be one of the most beautiful best kept secrets in the country. With limited parking and nearly no signage, it’s very hard to find and if you don’t arrive early you will not get a parking spot for hours. We were lucky enough to have some local firefighters give us dibs on their spot as they were leaving, and we were off. The hike up is about 20 minutes with decent inclines, so hiking with 30 lbs of gear was less than ideal. But the view once we arrived would more than make up for the effort. We wanted to capture the fun of jumping from the granite cliffs into the crystal clear alpine lake water. There is a small audience of tourists and locals that line the small granite sand beach to the west of the small lake, cheering people on as they conquer their fears and jump. After lugging our gear across half a mile of huge granite boulders and steep hillsides, we finally made it to the 20 ft jump on the south end of the lake and set up our MoVI and RED Epic to capture the action. We also rented a rowboat to give ourselves a perspective from the water. This proved a fantastic decision, doubling as a gear cart for our return trip. Once we wrapped, we had to hit Big Daddy's Burgers back in South Lake Tahoe before making the long drive north to Chiloquin, Oregon. Luckily, the drive afforded many creative opportunities that we took full advantage of, including a sunset flight over a Nevada valley and long exposure star photography from the middle of the highway in the pitch black night. We rolled into Chiloquin around 1am, dog tired. Day 4 coming soon!

Photography courtesy of Sean Horton @